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Glenn brings his Best-Selling Book to life with Keynotes and Workshops focusing on attitude awareness, attitude influences, self-assessments, and attitude improvement with his 10 attitude boosters! His Attitude leadership program will focus on getting your team to commit and align for greatness, as well as creating an attitude of accountability and passion for your environment. Glenn speaks nationally to audiences that thirst for increased production, profitability, and morale for their team or company. There is a common link in successful people, relationships, teams, businesses, and leaders... That Link is Attitude!

Effort Workshop / Keynote Address

Available as a keynote or workshop.

If you are suffering from a lack of motivation, direction and passion in your life or business there are answers that we can provide to help you become directed, focused and full of the energy you crave to live life to the fullest and become the most profitable and productive person you can become.

Do you know what is the #1 sabotage of SUCCESS is? NEGLECT!
Stop neglecting what you know you need to do, come and learn the following:
  • Leverage your knowledge of Effort to create change in your business and life
  • Three changes you can make regarding your effort
  • How success and effort are the same
  • Identifying what sabotages your effort
  • Effort in life’s fundamentals
  • Effort and its influence over time management (the Greatest Secret of the Rich)
  • The effort it takes to create ambition and discipline
  • Three questions to solve any problem


Available as a workshop or training.

Glenn Bill speaks from his experience. He believes and lives that attitude is the ultimate differentiator on any team, in any company or during any crisis or achievement. He will show you how to elevate your attitude and create ultimate success in anything you pursue. He has the formulas, the assessments and the history to show you that dominating with attitude is as easy as the ABCʼs. The University of Attitude is Americaʼs #1 resource for attitude achievement. Glenn is the Head Attitude Coach who will get you there.

During this workshop you will:

  • Discover the 3 biggest mistakes people make regarding their attitude.
  • Uncover the formula for any challenge you face and “Get Attitude” to master it.
  • Double Productivity, streamline your companies attitude for big profits
  • Dominate your

    market place by learning the ultimate differentiator.

Attitude Class with Glenn Bill

Available as a keynote or workshop.

Come and enjoy Glenn Bill present Best Selling Author Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. This full day workshop will enable you to get, keep and maintain a YES! Attitude that will impact the rest of your life and most importantly the lives of those around you. This is a course about a Yes! Attitude.

YOUR Yes! Attitude and its a course about YOU–the most important person in the world!
Positive attitude is the foundation for everything in life! Learn the art of having a positive attitude as well as how to live a positive life. In this full-day workshop you will have the opportunity to uncover the secret to a positive attitude.
In Glenn Bill’s Attitude class, you’ll get the framework needed to apply what you learn to your personal and professional lives.

“Glenn Bill is in the top .0002% of business leaders in North America today…you can trust that he stands ready to deliver excellence and exceed your expectations.”

Darren Hardy New York Times Bestselling Author of The Compound Effect and Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

“Coach Bill’s book has helped me thoroughly assess my attitude, as well as my ability to interact at a higher level with my peers. He has profoundly assisted me with great professional developmental tools. Great insights!”

Dajuan Daniels Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots National Scout

“Engage with Glenn, he delivers high-energy with a side of humor, and he is passionate about it. My personal advice, don’t just hire Glenn, get to know him and his story…great guy!”

Jeffrey Gitomer Hall of Fame Speaker, Sales Trainer and New York Times Bestselling Author