Glenn Bill stopped by 24-Hour News 8 at noon to talk about his new book, the “ABC’s of Attitude.”

Glenn Bill Interviewed on the Morning Blend

Glenn Bill Interviewed on San Diego Living!

Glenn Bill talks Attitude Movement and Global Attitude Awareness Day


Glenn Bill with Tony Robbins

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Glenn Bill on the set of Morning Express with HLN's Robin Meade.

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One of Glenn's mentors is The Geat Les Brown. Glenn was recognized by Les as a graduate of his "I Have to SPEAK" workshop. Les taught Glenn how to deliver with passion and engage your audiences at the highest level!

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Darren Hardy is another mentor to Glenn. Glenn attended his High-Performance Forum where he learned the secrets to massive business leverage from Darren's interactions with Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Jack Welch and Sir Richard Branson. HPF was an amazing experience and Glenn can show you what these lessons taught him to fuel his business.

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Glenn loves HLN and Robin Meade, here he is on the set of Morning Express! Glenn has been featured on news shows all over America.


Glenn with another of his mentors Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales! Glenn is a Certified Advisor and Speaker for Jeffrey licensed to train on all Jeffrey's content! If you want to increase sales... Glenn has your answer!

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Glenn has been featured on Times Square as some of the world's largest company's engage his to hear his message such as CHASE and Wells Fargo