All workshops available as keynote address.

Executive Coaching

With Glenn Bill

Glenn brings his Best-Selling Book to life with Keynotes and Workshops focusing on attitude awareness, attitude influences, self-assessments, and attitude improvement with his 10 attitude boosters! His Attitude leadership program will focus on getting your team to commit and align for greatness, as well as creating an attitude of accountability and passion for your environment. Glenn speaks nationally to audiences that thirst for increased production, profitability and morale for their team or company. There is a common link in successful people, relationships, teams, businesses and leaders... That Link is Attitude!

Glenn Bill Endorsed By Darren Hardy

Discovery- Personal and Business Inventory

This Step involves the partner to clearly define where they are personally and professionally in their life and in terms of the expectation of their life.  We have tools and testing that are a part of this step which will be completed prior to the first session.  If the partner wants to do a personal visit to their business facility to increase the impact of the Discovery and Inventory process that is a possibility at an added fee.  This would also involve three personal interviews with support staff and collogues to get an outside opinion or viewpoint from partners key players.

Leadership and Mission- It is on YOU!

This session covers seven Key points of Leadership. Foundation, Delegation, Prioritization, Vision, Mission, Identity.  We also work thru a SWOT analysis, situational leverage, communication tactics, and reflective lessons from your past on leadership.

Six Secrets to Emotional Mastery

This session helps you define why you do what you do, what is your interior motivation system. Discover what drives you and rediscover how to recreate your driving forces.  This session will unleash your ability to st4reeamline and identify what you really want in your life and business and how to leverage others emotions to help you get there.

Retention and Recruiting

Most business are based on attracting the right people and recruiting the right people.  In order to attract the power players you want around you, you must first become more attractive to them.  This session provides an in depth analysis of who you want around you, why you want them and how to best attract them and retain them.  This session alone has increased the top line of revenues for our best clients fivefold!

Training Analysis

Every company has training, some do it in house, others farm it out.  We will work in this session on what you provide in terms of training.  We will value the best and the worst of what and how you are creating the teammates you want.  We will explore new ways to train and leverage your existing training ion order to boost profits and revenues.  Business owners spend a fortune on training and most of the time after close analysis they learn what they are doing does not work.  We help you and your associates understand what business you are in, what business you are really in and what business you need to be in.

Understanding Your Profit and Revenue

The least favorite and most painful for many of our clients  is digging in the numbers and finding out where your money is going.  We have skilled exercises, worksheets and tools to help you identify, understand and create the profits you are shooting for.  This session will give you the beginning of create a profit model that can set you on your way to financial freedom.  Profitability can be found in focusing on very few key ingredients, we will show you what those are.

Massive Action Plan

All of this work is meaningless without creating a massive action plan.  Intentions without works and action are meaningless.  You will walk out of this session with an written plan that is triggered by daily actions to get you to BLAST OFF on your journey to success and fulfillment.  We use tools and diagnostics in order to create this plan that are proven and allow you to leverage what you have learned in our previous sessions.